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Human Resource



Note: Each Question will carry 5 Marks



1)    What is Employee database? Explain it with suitable example.

2)    Explain Advantages of employee appraisal.

3)    Name the eight types of leaves available for employees.

4)    Design Salary Slip Template of employee.

5)    What are the different types of bonus components?



This course is compulsory course for MCA-I Sem - I

You all need to submit one word file , which contain code and output with proper numbering and save it with your full name

Assignment no 1




Assignment no 2




After completion of this course student will be able to -

CO1: Distinguish different process model for a software development.

CO2: Design software requirements specification solution for a given problem definitions of a software system.

CO3: Apply software engineering analysis/design knowledge to suggest solutions for simulated problems

CO4: Design user interface layout for different types of applications

CO5: Recognize and describe current trends in software engineering

Improvement Test

To provide extension to web development skills acquired in 2nd semester. HTML 5, XML, jQuery,AJAX and PHP are introduced for student to enhance their skills

Android Projects in group of two

Android application to build