Grievance Redressal/Anti-Ragging

As per the guidelines of AICTE, New Delhi, Institute has constituted following committees
1) Grievance Redressal Committee.
2) Anti-Ragging Committee.
3) Girls / Women Grievance Redressal Committee.

The detailed aims and objectives, constitution and contact particulars in respect of above Committees are available in Institute’s Office.

Anti-Ragging Committee duly constituted by MES’s IMCC as per AICTE Notification No. F. No. 37-3 / Legal / AICTE / 2009 Dated 01/07/2009

Sr. No. Name Designation in the Institute Role in the Committee Contact Number
1. Prof. Santosh Dinkarrao Deshpande Director Chairman 8308398100
2 Mrs. Ashwini Subhash Patil Assistant Professor and Programme Co-ordinator Member 9766833806
3 Mrs. Jayashree Patil Assistant Professor Member 9890971380
4 Mr. Prashant Baburao Patil Registrar Member 7020658412
5 Mr. Sharad B. Babhale Student Member 9552264077
6 Mr. Shreyas V. Barhanpurkar Student Member 9922435121
7 Mr. Rohan P. Khare Student Member 8605859338
8 Mr. Sankalp A.Khare Student Member 8234093555
9 Ms. Arya Saloni K. Student Member 9586003054
10 Ms. Tejaswini S.Deo Student Member 9860146207
11 Ms. Aishwarya M. Pujari Student Member 9763911850
12 Mr. Eshaan P. Abhyankar Student Member 7756880550
13 Mr. Nitin Pande Student Member 7276334347

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

As per Section 4 AICTE (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions) Regulations, 2016.
Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Number
1. Dr. Mrs. Manasi S. Bhate Chairman 9890266634
2 Mrs. Ashwini Subhash Patil Member 9766833806
3 Mrs. Jayashree Patil Member 9890971380
4 Dr. Mrs. Meenal K. Oak Member 9850068102
5 Adv. Smita Palse Member 9552502915
6 Dr. Santosh D. Deshpande Member 8308398100