Training and Placement Cell

In today’s global and volatile marketplace businesses seek talents who have both analytical and interpersonal skills. The Industry demands integrity and character from students and expecting deliverables right from the first day. Training and Placement Cell aims to synergize the requirement of the recruiters and the aspirations of the students. Thus acts as a bridge between Industry and the Academia. It plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students of the Institute. Cell helps for successful career Path of the students, which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into avenues of suitable employment. The basic aim of establishment of this is to indulge placements to students in reputed companies with handsome packages.It helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students.Cell also provides assistance to students desirous of self-employment(Entrepreneurship) through professional Incubation guidance. This Cell is operated by professionals with admirable work experience from Industry and Academic field. A core team of reliable and talented students works along with Placement Cell staff. Following are various activities which are initiated by the cell.

Training and Placement Process

Training and Placement Comittee

The Training and placement activity is primarily managed by the Placement Committee which includes following members:

Sr. No. Name
1 Prof. Santosh Deshpande (Director)
2 Prof. Ravindra Vaidya (Head of Department)
3 Dr. Manasi Bhate (Head – Training and Placement)
4 Dr. Venugopal Narsingoju (Faculty Member)
5 Ms. Apurva Barve (Faculty Member)
6 Mr. Hrishikesh Dhande (Academic Relationship Manager, TCS)
7 Prof. Shital Kumar Rawandale (Dean, Industry Institute Interaction, PCET)
8 Mr. Abhay Damale (Sr. Solution Architect, Program Manager)
9 Mr. Shreyas Barhanpurkar (Student  Member)
10 Mr. Ujwal Gupta (Student  Member)
11 Ms. Kalyani Gokhale (Student  Member)