Autonomous Courses

Here in IMCC, we conduct following Autonomous Courses

1. MES IMCC’s SET/NET Training Programme for Library Science Professionals
Download – Details of the Program

2. MES IMCC’s an autonomous post garduate diploma in “Digital Library Management, Automation and Networking”
Download – Details of the Program

3. Placement Readiness Programme
To guide Students to choose right career and to give knowledge skill & aptitude which will meet the manpower requirements of the Industry.

4. SET/NET Training Programme for the LIS Professionals
It is the most popular and successful program on SET NET Training by the IMCC for the LIS professionals in the Maharashtra state

5. Certification in Digital Marketing
The primary goal of this course is to train students, entrepreneurs, and learners with practical digital marketing skills to help them seize new opportunities and excel in their fields.

6. PGDLIMAN (Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Library Management, Automation & Networking)
It is one year post graduate diploma for the Library & Information Science Professionals

7. Certificate Course in Penetration Testing

8. Certificate Course in Ethical Hacking

9. Certificate Course in Accounts and Taxation

10. Certificate Course in Cyber Security

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